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The community based rehabilitation programme o f LCS has a focus on working in partnership with the parents and family of the disabled child to design and implement a unique plan for each child. These are drawn up as per the needs, abilities of the child, family's expectations.

These interventions seek to address parent’s and families' low levels of awareness, misinformation little or no aspirations for their disabled children. Parents and families are oriented, trained and their capacity built up alongside the child's so that they can carry on the work with t heir children and reduce dependence on regular rehabilitation.

The following are the major objectives of this program:-

• Promoting the concept of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR).
• Creating a disabled friendly environment in the community/ villages.
• Observe and identify the potentials of the target group and support them.
• Sensitization and coordination work with sub-centers and other NGOs.


LCS works with people with disabilities, their families and community. The communities we feel can be one of the biggest supports for the inclusion of an individual with disabilities in the mainstream society. Throughout the year we organize many activities in the community to facilitate formation of collective of parents/people with disabilities and also to sensitize the community people for inclusion of people with disability into the main stream society.

We help people with disabilities to learn how to avail various Government facilities like: Medical Certificates, Disability identity Cards, Railway concession, Stipends, Aids and appliances and existing rural development schemes. This effort also includes local clubs and other NGOs working in the area to involve people with disabilities in their program.


LCS directly extends its help to 67 children with disabilities in Varanasi, covering two blocks; Chiraigaon and Cholapur respectively. areas of their Education, Health, social Inclusion and Income generating Economic Activities.

Lilliane Foundation Netherlands is assisting our Differently Abled children’s program through Jan Vikas Samiti. There are 67 children in this project. We provide aid appliances, education, integral development trainings and Income Generation Activities for these beneficiaries. This year we have selected 10 new recruits to this program.


Lok Chetana Samiti celebrated the world disability day on 10th December 2012 at the premises of Lok Chetana Samiti, at Chiraigaon where around 219 people consisting of children with disabilities along with their guardians/parents from two blocks (Chiraigaon & Cholapur) of Varanasi and wholeheartedly participated in the program. The program mainly focused to raise awareness and sensitize community on different-ability issues and also to specifically bring their attention on the issue of inaccessible public places.

Mrs. Ranju Singh the Assistant Executive Director of Lok Chetana Samiti inaugurated program. There was sports event began at 10 a.m. Different completions like tricycle race, wheelchair race, biting the Jelebi, memory test, passing the ball etc., were conducted for the children and the winners were given gifts and certificates.

At the commencement of cultural event Neeti Bhai, the director of LCS, welcomed all the dignitaries and the participants. A series of Dances and cultural programmes took place which made the day more colourful and exciting to these children. A drama by inclusive group on accessibility issue was also presented.

Mr. Mithilesh Tiwari, Block development Officer of Chiraigaon graced the function as guest of honour and appreciated the children for their special talent and the spark these children have. Many people from far and wide joined to this noble event and appreciated the children for their effort and encouraged them to grow and contributed his valuable time and thoughts and expressed his kind mind for these children with disabilities. At the close of the program Miss Anupama Singh the coordinator of Chiraigaon thanked everyone for their valuable contribution which made the day more meaningful.

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